Sport Pedagogy

Sport pedagogy is a discipline of sport science that focuses on educational processes via exercise, movement, play, and sport.

Traditionally, an emphasis is given to organized physical education in schools with the goals of supporting the development of children and adolescents and empowering them to participate in a variety of sport and movement cultures. Thereby, sport pedagogy is closely connected with sport didactics.

Furthermore, during the last years and decades sport pedagogy is increasingly interested in exercise, play, and sporting during the whole life span of human beings, ranging from elementary education to late adulthood.

Analogous to society's development there is an increasing interest in doing research on the possibilities of handling social, cultural and gender related heterogeneity in a constructive way, as well as researching on providing people with special needs an inclusive arrangement of exercise, play, and sport offers.

Developments in digitalization within the field of transmitting and arranging education and sport are also coming more and more into focus within sport pedagogical research.