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Strong to success: The interaction of sprinting, jumping and maximum strength in talented young soccer players

Our doctoral candidate Björn Kadlubowski has published a research paper investigating the relationship between jumping and sprinting performance in...


Does sport help combat stress in everyday life? - Interview with Peter Raidl

Our doctoral student Peter Raidl was interviewed in "Die Presse" on the subject of "Stress and sport".


New study confirms: Multimodal and conventional strength training increases muscle function in seniors


Professor Csapo spoke at the 1st Return to Sports Summit at the Motum Lab on the topic "ACL re-ruptures. Numbers, data, facts".


The FH Campus Wien is creating a reference database for everyday movements and exercises performed by healthy movement experts in the SETT project....


Roundtable: Training monitoring with top experts: Mathias Wiese, Alexander Pürzel, Christoph Triska, Lukas Pezenka. Be part of it on 18.01.24 from...