Mission Statement

The staff of the Department of Sport Pedagogy at the University of Vienna aspires to:   

  • Focus its work on the human being in all its facets,

  • Investigate the role of physical activity, play, dance and sport in the education and the development of human beings across their lifespan,

  • Explore how diverse modes of physical activity and various infrastructures for activity may contribute to health promotion and to increasing people’s quality of life,

  • Develop conceptions and strategies for the implementation and evaluation of physical activity and sport programs designed for specific groups and settings,

  • Maintain a well-balanced engagement in both fundamental  and applied research,

  • Align research with people’s conduct of life, that is, transform research results into feasible solutions and base new research questions on applied settings,

  • Initiate and maintain active research collaborations with a variety of scientific areas to develop and expand  interdisciplinary perspectives,

  • Contribute to  new research findings through networks and cooperation with scientists and researchers on an international level,

  • Contribute to the high-profile perception of Sport Sciences at the University of Vienna on an international level,

  • Extensively promote and support career development and further qualification of young scientists,

  • Contribute to an attractive course offer for students that continuously embeds new research findings into teaching and learning.