Master thesis information

In the subunit training science, we pursue the goal of offering students the opportunity to conduct smaller empirical studies as part of their master's theses. This requires not only thorough study planning, but in most cases also obtaining a vote from the ethics committee (, training in the appropriate measurement and evaluation methods, and the recruitment of study participants. The total time required varies depending on the project and the commitment of the students, but usually a time requirement of about 12 months (from the conception phase to the completion of the thesis) can be expected.

For us, too, empirical master's theses entail an increased supervision effort and often also the occupation of our laboratory premises. For this reason, we unfortunately cannot accept an unlimited number of master's theses. Since the attendance of the accompanying course SE MSD.I - Specialization Seminar Master's Thesis (here an exposé is prepared, with which the master's thesis topic is officially approved at the end of the respective semester) should be linked to the actual thesis, we therefore ask students to register for the seminar under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Csapo only if a topic has already been agreed upon with him in advance. If you are interested in writing a Master's thesis in the field of exercise science, please contact the supervisor before registering for the seminar (

As far as the choice of topic is concerned, we normally assign topics that fit in with the main research areas dealt with in our field of work, that can be worked on using our methodological possibilities and that also correspond to the scope of a Master's thesis. However, we are also willing to consider own proposals from students that meet these criteria.


If interested, please contact Prof. Robert Csapo (