International Awards for Willi Koller and Dr. Hans Kainz at the ESMAC 2023 conference


Last week, four members of our department were in Athens at the annual ESMAC conference. The purpose of ESMAC (the European Society for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children) is to stimulate and advance scientific knowledge, professional interaction and the exchange of ideas among society members relating to movement analysis in adults and children in clinical and research settings.

International Awards and Recognitions for Willi Koller and Dr Hans Kainz

Willi Koller has been honored with this year's "Best Paper Award," a distinction determined by an esteemed award committee. This committee meticulously assessed all submitted abstracts and evaluated the presentations and discussions of the eight finalists. As a result of this recognition, Willi Koller is now invited to submit the complete paper related to his presentation for publication as the 'ESMAC Best Paper Award' in the Journal of Gait & Posture.

Dr. Hans Kainz achieved the runner-up position (2nd place) for the Dr. Tom Shannon Promising Scientist Award, an accolade reserved for individuals whose research has made a substantial impact on the realm of movement analysis.

Seminar organized by Dr Hans Kainz and Dr Bryce Killen

This year, Dr. Hans Kainz from the University of Vienna and Dr. Bryce Killen from KU Leuven collaborated to host a seminar on musculoskeletal modeling. The seminar attracted around 30 participants and featured a combination of informative lectures and hands-on practical examples. All presentation slides and educational materials from the seminar are readily accessible on the OpenSim Confluence website.

Four oral presentations from our research group

Four members of our research group (Hans Kainz, Willi Koller, Basilio Goncalves and Bernhard Guggenberger) gave oral presentations about their latest research at the ESMAC 2023. The abstracts of these presentations got published in Gait & Posture.

  • Kainz H., Koller W., Wallnöfer E., Mindler G., Kranzl A. (2023) Musculoskeletal modelling informed muscle coordination re-training to reduce knee joint loads. Gait & Posture, 106, S236-S237.
  • Koller W., Wallnöfer E., Holder J., Kranzl A., Baca A., Kainz H. (2023) Femoral growth plate stresses in children with cerebral palsy compared to typically developing children. Gait & Posture, 106, S102-S103.
  • Goncalves B., Koller W., Schmitz K., Baca A., Kainz H., Kranzl A. (2023) Effects of simulated healthy gait patters in children with idiopathic torsion deformities. Gait & Posture, 106, S68.
  • Guggenberger B., Horsak B., Habersack A., Smith C., Svehlik M., Kainz H. (2023). Internal lower limb rotation increases patella cartilage pressure in individuals with patellofemoral instability. Gait & Posture, 106, S71-S72.


Additionally, Dr Kainz chaired a session on “Modelling and simulation”.