Erasmus+ Projekt COMPASS


The COMPASS project is funded by the EU's Erasmus+ programme. It is carried out in cooperation with the University of Vienna, the Orienteering Association "Zdruzhenie Orientacionen Klub Zlatovrv Prilep" (Northern Macedonia), the Romanian Orienteering Association, the Estonian Health Trails Foundation (Estonia) and the Bulgarian Orienteering Association, which is the project leader.

The project aims to strengthen synergies between education and sport. In particular, sports clubs and schools are to be addressed. The objective of the project will be to develop a club-based "Dual Career Programme". This project should close the gap between science & technology and formal learning. To this end, the project will develop teaching content in the fields of natural sciences, digital technologies and management. Target groups of the teaching contents are sportsmen and sportswomen as well as their trainers, clubs and associations as well as interested pedagogues.

A major component of the project will also be the development of novel games with the help of mobile feedback systems. Guidelines and best practices will also be developed on how orienteering can be used in school sports or as an extracurricular activity. The content developed within the framework of the project will enable partner institutions to develop their own innovative games with the help of technological support. In addition, children and young adults should be encouraged to exercise more in nature.