Performance by intervention

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Strength performance across the oral contraceptive cycle of team-sport athletes – a cross sectional study.


Der Jahreskongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sportmedizin und Prävention (DGSP) sowie der 9. Kongress der internationalen Initiative „Exercise...


Relationship between the Critical Power Test and a 20-min Functional Threshold Power Test in Cycling


Effects of course design (curves and elevation undulations) on marathon running performance: a comparison of Breaking 2 in Monza and the INEOS 1:59...


Seit Anfang Oktober wird unsere Abteilung von zwei neuen Mitarbeiterinnen verstärkt. Frau Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Rhoia Neidenbach, BSc MSc als...


Remodeling the Skeletal Muscle Extracellular Matrix in Older Age-Effects of Acute Exercise Stimuli on Gene Expression

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