Review open day


On 20.10.2023 the Center for Sports Science and University Sports opened its doors to inform pupils about the contents of a sports science study or the study of teaching movement and sports.

All departments had put together an active program and were thus able to provide a good insight into sports science. In addition to the brochures and scientific papers handed out, there were also numerous hands-on stations.

Depending on the space available, these took place directly in the laboratories or could be carried out at the information stands. In this way, students were able to obtain sufficient information about the various departments and their equipment. They were thus able to see what technical equipment was required for which tests.

The feedback was thoroughly positive - both from students and their teachers. However, the open day was also for individuals who were also able to get an idea of our many research areas. Since sports science is very heterogeneously positioned, there was something for every interest.









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