Research projects

Project „COMPASS“


The Center for Sports Science and University Sports of the University of Vienna is a partner of the international project "COMPASS" which is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The aim of COMPASS (Creative Orienteering Model for Physical Activity and Science in Schools) is to promote education in and through sport with a focus on skills development and to support the implementation of the EU Directives on Dual Career Athletics (DCA). To this end, partnerships between key organisations from 5 European countries in the field of orienteering will be established. The project is coordinated by the Bulgarian Federation for Orienteering (BFO). The sports club PSK Zlatovrv from Northern Macedonia, the Romanian Federation for Orienteering (FRO) as well as the Estonian Terviserajad Foundation are involved as project partners alongside the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Vienna.

The project will develop, test and evaluate an innovative club-based education and training programme for trainers and talented athletes. The aim is to develop a trans-European programme for orienteering clubs in order to train the sports scientific, digital and pedagogical knowledge as well as the social competences of coaches and athletes for their career in and after sports. The developed program will finally be available as a freely accessible educational resource.


The project will start in January 2020.