Three conference papers got published in the Journal of Gait and Posture


Ass-Prof Hans Kainz and PhD student Willi Koller presented their latest research at the ESMAC conference last week. The three conference abstracts related to their work got published in the Journal of Gait and Posture. Below you can find the title and link to each abstract.


Asymmetric gait pattern versus femoral morphology – What is the main reason for asymmetric hip joint loading?

Gait & Posture 90:125-126
W. Koller, Arnold Baca, Hans Kainz

Hints and pitfalls for estimating muscle-tendon lengths based on joint angles from the conventional gait model

Gait & Posture 90:114-115
Hans Kainz, M. H. Schwartz

Accuracy of 3-dimensional freehand ultrasound to estimate anatomical landmarks in children and adolescents with obesity

Gait & Posture 90(4):232-233
Caterine Schwab, Sebastian Durstberger, Hans Kainz, …, Andreas Kranzl 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2021.09.120