Three abstracts got accepted for the GAMMA conference in Heidelberg


The aim of GAMMA (“Gesellschaft für die Analyse menschlicher Motorik und ihre klinische Anwendung”) is to establish instrumental gait and movement analysis as a common examination method in clinical diagnostics. The GAMMA is organizing a congress from March 1st – 4th in 2023 in Heidelberg and three abstracts from our department got accepted for oral presentations:

  • Different walking strategies impact patella cartilage pressure in individuals with patellofemoral instability (B Guggenberger, B Horsak, A Habersack, C Smith, H Kainz, M Svehlik)
  • Influences of EMG-informed musculoskeletal simulation approaches on estimations of lower limb muscle and joint contact forces (E K Wallnöfer, P Kaufmann, W Koller, H Kainz)
  • Net joint moments versus internal joint loading: Can we trust correlations between joint moments and contact forces from generic-scaled models? (W Koller, A Kranzl, A Baca, H Kainz)