Three abstracts got accepted for presentations at the ISB Conference


Three abstracts from the Neuromechanics Research Group got accepted for presentations at the International Society of Biomechanics Conference. Two papers, one from PhD student Willi Koller and one from Ass-Prof Hans Kainz, are related to musculoskeletal modelling in children with cerebral palsy, whereas the paper from BSc student Lorenz Zweier focusses on motor control during complex movement.

Full title and author list of the accepted conference abstracts:

Impact of femur length scaling errors on estimate muscle and joint contact forces at all joints

Willi Koller, Arnold Baca, Hans Kainz

Impact of personalized geometry and motor control on musculoskeletal simulation results – How much detail is needed?

Hans Kainz, Mariska Wesseling, Ilse Jonkers

Variability of muscle synergies across skateboarding tricks with different levels of complexity

Lorenz Zweier, Florentina De Comtes, Lorenzo Pitto, Hans Kainz