ESB 2019


Michaela Hassmann, Dr. Savvas Stafylidis and Martin Groeber attended the ESB (European Society of Biomechanics) conference in Vienna, Austria, 7-10 July 2019.

They presented the following research during the conference:

Hassmann, M., Dastl, J., Krach, W. (2019) Material property evaluation of female breast tissue by finite element eigenvalue analysis.

Krach, W., Lebschy, C., Hassmann M. (2019) Determination of pressure distribution between sports bra and female torso.

Stafylidis, S., Hornbacher F. (2019) Reduced dynamometer-subject elasticity effects the plantar flexion torque: increased soleus activity.

Groeber M., Baca, A. (2019) Influence of stretch/shortening magnitude and initial muscle length on work performed in a stretch-shortening cycle.