Evaluation of the Workplace Health Promotion Project of AG Pflegekraft "Gemeinsam aktiv & gesund"


Within the Workplace Health Promotion Project 'Gemeinsam aktiv & gesund' health promotional measures of small and mediumsized companies are evaluated.


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5 small and mediumsized companies with mobile care and treatment in Vienna (Caritas, Esra, Care Systems, Hilfswerk, Smir) carry out a Workplace Health Promotion Programm together. The main objective of the project is the efficient and professional implementationierung of workplace health promotionbetrieblicher for 2665 employees in care and treatment:


·         Maintaining the ability to work of the employees until retirement

·         Reduction of absence, sickness pay and fluctuation

·         Improved wellbeing at the working place

·         Improved dealing with psycho-social stress factors

·         Transfer of existing BGF-experience

·         Needs-oriented measures

·         Development of an improved occupational profilebildes in self-perspection and public


Based on a survey of the current situation on the sanitary status of employees, in the first project phase objectives and concrete measures are developed in health circles together with the employees.

Thereupon policies and activities are being developed, implemented, supported and evaluated in the companies.


Unter the guidance of prof. Dr. Franz Kolland the institut of sociology evaluates the systemic and operational effects and changes caused by the project. Ass.Prof. Dr. Rosa Diketmüller evaluates the effects of the measures and programmes focusing improved physical fitness and well-being and also processes using both quantitative and qualitative methods.


Duration of the project

07/2011 – 09/2014


Project management

Project Partners: IBG (Inst.f. betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung) and Group FIT-VITAL

Participating organisations: Care Systems, Caritas Wien, ESRA, SMIR, Wiener Hilfswerk

Sponsors: Fonds Gesundes Österreich, Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse


Evaluation team

Prof. Dr. Franz Kolland (Institut of Sociology at the University Vienna)

Ass.Prof. Dr. Rosa Diketmüller

Centre for Sports Science and University Sports

Department of Sport Pedagogy

Kontakt: rosa.diketmüller@univie.ac.at