Evaluation of the primary school physical activity initiative UGOTCHI


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The Department for Sport Pedagogy at the University of Vienna is currently evaluating the primary school sports activity initiative UGOTCHI on behalf of SPORTUNION Austria. The 6th term of the project UGOTCHI took place in May 2011.

The project classes have got information about active school brakes or active lessons and books for healthy food. Information material about the project has been distributed to parents and teachers as well.

During this initiative children of Austrian primary schools are collecting points for healthy behavior such as active daily lifestyle and healthy food. Teachers record the score of the kids on a webpage. Sports clubs offer lessons in schools.

Motion sensors (accelerometer and pedometer), exercise diaries and activity minutes are used to evaluate the fitness of school children. A sample of classes is analyzed and compared with control groups before (April 2011), during (Mai 2011) and after (October 2011) the initiative UGOTCHI. Barbare Wessner (Department of Sports and Performance Physiology) supports the evaluation by preparing accelerometers and data processing.

Questionnaires about physical activity and healthy food have been used. Teachers all over Austria were asked with the help of an online questionnaire about UGOTCHI in June 2011.

In Mai and June 2011 teachers and sports clubs have evaluated the motivation in participating UGOTCHI.

This initiative evaluates the short-term and the long-term effects of UGOTCHI with the help of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Duration of the project

Evaluation 2011: March 2011 – End of December 2011

Evaluation 2012: March 2012 – November 2012


The final report had been presented in December 2011. Regarding therein described results and recommendations, necessary adjustments were made in the project structure for the evaluation in 2012. Under the project evaluation in 2012 the Department for Sport Pedagogy at the University of Vienna cooperates with the SPORTUNION Austria again.

The final report 2011 is available on request to the head of the project management.

Project management

Department for Sport Pedagogy
Centre for Sport Science and University Sports
University of Vienna
Head: Dr. Nadine Zillmann, M.A.
Scientific Staff: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Kolb, Ass. Prof. Dr. Rosa Diketmüller, Mag. Franz Mairinger, Jenny Zugschwert, Bakk.
Contact: nadine.zillmann@univie.ac.at

Project initiator SPORTUNION

Mag. Thomas Mlinek
Contact: t.mlinek@sportunion.at



07. June 2011, Focus group of the Primary School Trumau, Participating Teachers