Mag. Wolfgang Altermann, BSc.

Division of Sport Psychology
Department of Sport Science
University of Vienna
Auf der Schmelz 6a (USZ II)
A-1150 Vienna, Austria


After completing my bachelor in Sports Science and master in Teaching Education, I started my Ph.D. in Sport Science in March 2020. In my dissertation, I explore the effects of physical exercise interventions on the attention of adolescents in the school setting. On the basis of already existing findings on the benefits for attention, I would like to specifically investigate aspects of this topic that are little or not at all thematized. The aim is to use the results of my research to derive implications for everyday school life in order to optimize the attention of pupils.


Altermann, W., & Gröpel, P. (2023). Effects of acute endurance, strength, and coordination exercise interventions on attention in adolescents: A randomized controlled study. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 64, 102300.