Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Gröpel

Division of Sport Psychology
Department of Sport Science
University of Vienna
Auf der Schmelz 6a (USZ II)
A-1150 Vienna, Austria

Office: 01.16
Phone: +43-1-4277-48820

Consulting hours: MO 15:30 - 16:30
(pls. make an advance notification by email)

Courses taught by Peter Gröpel



I am a professor of sport psychology and licensed sport psychologist with 15 years of experience in sport and performance psychology, both in laboratory and the field. The main professional interest is on promoting performance in high demanding situations, such as when being fatigued, mentally exhausted or under extensive pressure, with applications in sports, medicine, emergency services, and performing arts. Additional work includes motivation to and health-related benefits of sport and exercise at the workplace, and antecedents of work-life balance and well-being. In psychological terminology, my research integrates fields of motivation and self-regulation, choking under pressure, well-being, and health.