Invited Lecture Space flight Prof. Tschan


Invited lecture Prof. Tschan

Invited lecture Prof. Tschan at the 38th Annual International Gravitational Physiology Meeting (28th May-2nd June 2017, Zvenigorod, Russia)


Resistance Exercise Training to Counteract Strength Loss in Long-Term Spaceflight. 

From Space Station Mir Flights to Experiment Mars 500


Tschan H1, Bachl N1, Baron R1, Angeli T,2 Netreba AI3, Shpakov A3, Tomilovskaya E3, Kozlovskaya IB3

1University of Vienna, Institute of Sport Science, Vienna, Austria;

2Technical University of Vienna, Institute for Construction Science and Technical Logistics, Vienna, Austria

3Russian Federation State Research Center - Institute for Biomedical Problems, Moscow, Russia