Biomechanics, Kinesiology and Computer Science in Sport

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Philipp Kornfeind gave the talk "Kornfeind, P., Baca, A., Preuschl, E., Sukdolak C. & Hofer, C. (2017). Effect of running shoe...


Science & Cycling 2017

Martin Dobiasch attended the Science & Cycling conference, 28.-29. June 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany, and gave the talk "OVEX – An expert system for the...


New Paper

The variable and chaotic nature of professional golf performance


Prof. Baca gave the keynote lecture "Wearable and Apps in Exercise and Sport – Potential and Risks" at the 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and...


ISBS 2017

Michaela Haßmann MSc has presented the following contribution: Hassmann, M., Stadlbauer, A., Kornfeind, P. & Stafilidis, S. (2017). A novel method for...


New Paper

Modelling game sports as complex systems – Application of recurrence analysis to golf and soccer